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Dear Midwives #1December 1, 2015

Dear Midwives,

It seems opening the Birth Center is taking forever! I am afraid it will never happen. Would you please tell me what is going on!

Waiting impatiently

Dear Waiting,

We know people are curious about what (if anything!) is happening at the Birth Center, so thanks for your question. Let us give you an update!

We are working hard to resume births. There are several things that have to be accomplished before we can, however. Most importantly, we have to pass our accreditation visit with the American Association of Birth Centers (AABC). Our site visit is scheduled for the end of September and we are doing all the things that need to be completed before that visit. We are in the capable hands of Jana Bailey, RN for completing the big notebook of things the site visitors require. Wish us luck!

Our accreditation is important because it assures that we are meeting national standards for providing safe and competent care. It also allows us to get paid, it is required of insurances. New Mexico just passed state-wide legislation for the accreditation of birth centers (we didn’t have any until now) and the AABC accreditation will stand for that.

The second thing that has to happen in order to resume births in the birth center is the addition of another midwife and our birth assistants. Interviews are on-going for these positions and we are confident we will find the right people to join us soon.

So, you ask—when will we be ready for births?! Our hope is to be ready before the end of the year. Hang in there with us. We want to do this right and well, so we can serve our community well.

The Midwives of the Birth Center of WHI