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Health Care EnrollmentJanuary 27, 2015

Taos Health Systems is dedicated to helping all Taos residents find the health coverage option that meets their needs and fits their budget. To assist you, Holy Cross Hospital has created a team of Health Care Enrollment Specialists who are available to assist you for FREE.

These Specialists can determine if you are eligible for Medicaid, Medicare, or assist you with finding the health plan and subsidy option that meets your needs and fits your budget. They will assist you with identifying all your no-cost or low-cost health coverage options. They will make the process easy for you and may find you savings that you didn’t know you were eligible for.

This year the Open Enrollment Period will end on February 15, 2015. Financial assistance for the purchase of a health plan, known as premium tax credits, is available through the Marketplace. New Mexicans are now required by law to have credible coverage in order to avoid penalties.

Appointments are available in the early evenings and the weekend, and are offered in English and Spanish.

The Affordable Care Act passed into law in 2010. While healthcare policy has changed, Holy Cross Hospital’s commitment to providing great care in our community remains the same. For nearly 80 years, Holy Cross Hospital proudly serves Northern and Central New Mexico.

If you miss the Open Enrollment Period, our Specialists can help you determine next steps, you may still have options.

Health coverage is important to keeping you and your family healthy in 2015.

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