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Jackie Kolbenschlag

Patient Testimonial

“Shanti was my surgeon – and my doctor as well – and she took me through the whole process. She was amazing.

Shanti just really put me at ease, explaining every detail and answering all my questions very thoroughly, up until the surgery. She was very soothing.

I had fibroid cysts. You can have many that are not a problem, but I had one that was causing a lot of discomfort and anemia. I initially was able to manage it with diet and awareness, but it got worse, and finally got to the point where I was done coping with it. I came to find out there are a lot of women that have fibroid cysts and end up just coping, and don’t realize how unhealthy they are. I didn’t even realize how low my energy was, after six years of having fibroids. It gradually just got worse and worse, so I just didn’t realize how bad it was until after the surgery – and how great I felt then.

I had my mom there with me, and it was a three-hour surgery, which I think is average. I was home in bed that same day. When I came into the hospital I was concerned about meeting a whole new team of people, and being shoved into surgery and then pushed out, and it didn’t feel that way at all. The team at Holy Cross was great. Everybody was really good – did what they needed to, everything was really clean, and everyone was so friendly and nice. In the hospital I even got a massage while I was recovering! Everything was really soothing and relaxing. I was already secure with Shanti – I knew that she was amazing, and she was going to do her job – but it was really nice to then come into the hospital and see that team of people, and know that they were very capable and friendly. They all did their job really well and were very professional.

It took two weeks to really get over the pain around the area of the surgery, but then I really felt better every single day. Then it went past that point where I was before my surgery, and just felt so much better every day that is was amazing.

Before the surgery, before I even knew I had the fibroids, I had anemia, so it just kind of felt like I was dealing with anemia more. I was sluggish and my energy was lower, and I thought that was just maybe one of those things that was happening as I was getting older. But that was not the case. And I’ve talked to so many other women since then who have the same kind of issues going on.

Something that Women’s Health Institute really advocates is to stop coping – because you don’t realize how much you’re coping. As women, we tend to handle what is going on with us, and we’re taking care of everybody else and we’re not taking care of ourselves as much. My message to other women would be: Make sure you’re healthy! Maybe the things going on inside your body can just be corrected by some vitamins and supplements, but surgery could be the answer. Go and get your tests done, go get an ultrasound. Just make sure you’re healthy. 

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